5 Great Places in NYC To Take Your Wedding Photos

Brooklyn Bridge Park - DUMBO

Beautiful views of the New York City Skyline and the Brooklyn Bridge! It’s a perfect place for amazing views!


The High Line - CHELSEA

A very industrial look to New York City. The High Line is creative space with both urban feels and greens.


Bethesda’s Fountain - CENTRAL PARK

Central Park is a very classic New York City spot to have your wedding or engagement photos taken. Lots of spaces next to a gorgeous fountain, pond and beautiful architecture.


The West Village

"This is where to get the “old” New York vibe. Brownstones and gorgeous home fronts lined with cobble stone. A wonderful neighborhood for intimate photographs.


Williamsburg, Brooklyn

A thriving and creative neighborhood in Brooklyn. Where you can find amazing restaurants, cafes and gorgeous artwork, graffiti and murals surrounding you.


Soho - Lower East Side, New York City

Awesome street views, beautiful New York City architecture and murals galore. This is a another amazing place to meander around and photograph through.