Homy & Michael - Metropolitan Museum of Art and Upper West Side

Homy has been one of the most influential, encouraging sisters in my life. I was so thankful and excited to photograph her and her fiance Michaels' engagement shoot! Homy (yes, it's pronounced Homie, like, "yo-this is my homie!") is a wise, beautiful and loving woman who has a knack giving great advice. I am so glad that she has found someone to commit to for the rest of her life! I still remember the first time she told me about him... we were sitting in the backseat of someones car and I begged her to show me a facebook picture. That's how I first met Michael. This blond chap, that was holding a cup of coffee, wearing a book-bag. Their relationship built via long distance, Michael in Saratoga Springs, and Homy in New York City. Every time they visited each other, they spent their time exploring Manhattan and just being happy in each other's presence. The train station became a staple in their relationship. (Note the last photo in my set, Pennsylvania Station ^_^) I am so happy that these two really love each other and decided to really commit themselves to each other. When planning our engagement shoot, we decided to mirror Homy and Michael's 2nd date. They went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art and then to Shake Shake, and Lady M Cake Boutique. Please take a look at our date together in just a few (of many!) photos from the date, also, please be patient while some of the are "moving" images and will need a few moments to load :) ENJOY!!