Alice & Hanfei - New York City Wedding on the Upper West Side

Alice and Hanfei were the most sweet and funny couple ever!  I also photographed their engagement session! Alice and I got along instantly and have bonded over coffee and cupcakes.  CUPCAKKKKESSS!!  Their wedding day was just a sweet.... and delicious.  Alice is from the South and is of Korean decent, so she wanted to combine some of that southern and Korean cuisine.  So her compromise was to get catering from MokBar... so good.  The day was overflowing with love from friends and family.  Family from overseas, family from down south.  Everyone came to witness and celebrate with these two.  My favorite parts were the little videos that their friends made that really highlighted the personalities of Alice and Hanfei... and it really showed how much they loved and cared for their friendships.  I loved their families and their multicultural traditions and was able to capture all of that goodness. I love being a New York City wedding and engagement photographer!