Allaya & Damany Engagement Session Shoot

This couple probably has one of the coolest "destiny" type stories. In short, Allaya worked as a barista in Starbucks, and one day, Damany goes in with his buddy, and his buddy dares him to hit on Allaya. Allaya at the time has a boyfriend and completely disregards all of Damany's advances, and even ignores his phonecalls. Fastforward a few years later at a DIFFERENT Starbucks location, Damany applies for a job, and guess who his coworker is. Now we're here, they're engaged and getting married! What a sweet story-- very revolving around Starbucks. Perhaps I should give them a call to let them know their coffee has brought this love together. Here are a few favorites from my shoot with them :)

So of COURSE we had to do a few photographs inside Starbucks.. By the way, these two are pretty huge gamers :B so I thought this was pretty funny. Haha

I give so much props to these two. It was literally the day after our Big NEMO snow storm in New York City-- and they were being such super troopers by being able to stand still in such cold weather! I loved working with these two fun-loving and hospitable people. I can't wait for their wedding in a week!! :)