Mary Beth & Thomas - Public Resturant Wedding in Nolita, New York City

I knew Mary Beth and Thomas were super awesome when I first met them.  We chatted about their wedding day vision, their ideas, their style and their little Shiba Inu Pup! (View him in their engagement photos)  I knew their wedding was going to be a ton of eye candy... and I was going to have a ball getting some amazing photographs.....and I totally did.  It was hard to even edit down "favorites"... I had way too many!!  They got ready at the Nolitan Hotel- which is a gorgeous Hotel, beautifully designed lobby and space with a rooftop view of all sides of the Manhattan skyline.  One side, the Empire State building, another, the Williamsburg bridge and then the Freedom Tower.  Their ceremony and reception was held a couple blocks over at Public.  Which was such a chic and elegant space.  I personally love photographing around the Nolita area- love the juxtaposition of the edginess and elegance.  It was such a great day!!  We ended the night dancing away, their little nephew packing moves better than Bruno Mars and tattooing our bodies. Haha!! :)