Nancy & Sung Jin - San Francisco Wedding

Ahhh! I love traveling for weddings--especially to warm places :)  I flew in a few days early for Nancy and Sung's wedding in San Francisco and spent a few days with my hubs to do a bunch of location scouting (and sight-seeing).  Nancy had two spots in mind for photographs, Sutro Baths and Chrissy Fields in front of the Golden Gate Bridge.  Getting to come to a new city to experience gorgeous beaches and naturescapes- it was an amazing experience.  I personally LOVED Sutro Baths.  It was a historic bath ruins that was edgy and classic.  It definitely helped that Nancy and Sung were SO down with hiking down the super steep trail to get some awesome shots!  The weather turned out to be amazing.  It was a little drizzly/foggy in the morning (perfect SF weather haha!)- but it actually got us some great umbrella shots!  By the ceremony time, it was sunny and hot!  It was such a blessing to be a part of this wedding day and I thank them again and again for such a wonderful memory!!